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I am an acupuncturist, herbalist, practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, bodyworker, Qigong Instructor, Medical Qigong practitioner. 

Founder:  the Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center 

Co-Founder: College of the Healing Arts

Instructor: Sacred Acupuncture Seminars

I am interested in  five branches of healing. A foundational idea in Chinese medicine is that if you pay attention to Shen (Beingness qualities), breathing, posture and movement, diet and nutrition, then you will not need further medical treatment.
I started The LGAQ Center In order to offer a comprehensive array of healing modalities, not just the medical interventions of acupuncture, ayurvedic therapy, bodywork and herbs, but all the prior branches of healing which ensure a foundation of good health.

Thinking , Feeling and Beingness   神 明
To this end we offer meditation classes and meet-ups, Sufi Zikr, life coaching, Shamanic practice, professional psychotherapy.

Breath, Movement and Posture    氣 功
every week we have 3 Yoga,  4 Qigong, 1 Tai Ji Chuan, and 2 Ba Gua Zhang classes. We also offer Sufi dancing, ecstatic dance, drum and singing circles, breathwork.

Nutrition   營 養
We have informative and hands-on classes on nutrition and kitchen culture for health and healing.

Herbs  and Supplements    草 藥
We have a Chinese herbal pharmacy and a vibrational remedy pharmacy. In clinical practice I use a wide variety of herbs and supplements from many traditions.

Acupuncture, Ayurvedic therapy and Bodywork    針 灸   按摩
We have five treatment rooms,  aligned with the Five Elements where we practice acupuncture, massage, Ayurvedic treatment, etc.  We have 3 acupuncturists, 3 Ayurvedic practitioners, 3 massage therapists.

Our practitioners are trained to make appropriate referrals to other medical practitioners as needed. While we are deeply grounded in holistic approaches to health and healing, we take a comprehensive view of healing, which may include many components.


About my work

I practice acupunctureAsian Bodywork and Qigong healing. I also prescribe Chinese herbs, suggest nutritional strategies, and utilize vibrational remedies. As a patient in an acupuncture treatment you can learn a lot about yourself, and this normally shows you how to stay healthy. Many of my patients use Qigong, acupuncture and Chinese medicine for its preventative medical benefits.

An acupuncture session with me focuses on the simultaneous clearing of physical illness and pain, with the elucidation of meaning and purpose in life. In 24 years of practice I have been privileged to see many amazing healings. When I see this, I feel humbled by the power of the Spirit that is within each of us. I am also humbled by the power of this ancient healing system, which still works so well today.

I also offer Sacred Acupuncture CEU Seminars, specifically for acupuncturists or other healthcare practitioners in East Asian Medicine.

So I invite you to participate in a class or a seminar,  or to come as a patient for treatment.

Here is a 30 minute audio response to the questions, “what is acupuncture?” and, “how does it work?”
“What is acupuncture?”              a sound file.

We can often bill your insurance for acupuncture.

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